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Bobble Head

Uncle Sam
Bobble Head

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Uncle Sam is a popular nation icon who has represented the American culture and the government for nearly 200 years. Many believe that the name “Uncle Sam” originated from Sam Wilson, an Army beef supplier during the war of 1812.

Legend has it, Wilson’ supply barrels were marked “US” and abbreviation of the United States. When asked about the initials, one worker joked that it must mean “Uncle Sam” referring to Sam Wilson.

Political cartoonist Thomas Nast, also credited with the modern images of Santa Clause, the Democratic Donkey, and the Republican Elephant popularizes the image of Uncle Sam during the 1860’s. His illustrations gradually evolved into the iconic character we know today, adopting the top hat, white bear and stars-and –striped suit.

Enjoy this Limited Edition of the symbol of American Pride recreated in a bobble head form.

8” tall bobble is a decorative figure and not recommended for children under the age of 13.
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