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U.S. Constitution Set

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In only four pages, centuries of world history and philosophy merged with the American experience.

In May 1784, Delegates to the constitution Convention in Philadelphia carefully studied the history of the governments. They agreed with Pennsylvania delegate John Dickinson that “experience must be {their} only guide". What did history teach them? Above all, the Founders admired the republic, with its elected representatives. But they also worried that a weak Congress created by the Articles of Confederation, the first U.S. government, could not lead the nation effectively. The Congress members sought a strong government that stilled protected the individual.

Recognizing the irreparable flaws in the Articles, the convention delegates started anew. This “assembly of demi-gods,” as Jefferson described them, designed a governmental apparatus that depended on checks and balances, and separation of powers. They discovered a new formula for balancing authority while permitting strong leadership.

George Washington called the result “little short of a miracle”. A Pennsylvania Clerk, Jacob Shallus, prepared the finely written enbossed copy that was signed by Convention delegates on September 17, 1787.

Set includes:
Authentic looking four page U.S. Constitution [15.5” x 13.75”]
One blank page [15.5” x 13.75”]
One glass inkwell with cork
Packet of powder ink
Booklet on the Constitution
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